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Fay Colmar, artist

The basic elements of Fay’s visual language are torn edges of paper, sprayed acrylic and color. These elements are organized by scale, frontality, and finally a compositional axis that can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

The intent is to produce images through process and materials: The connection between real matter and abstract thought, legendary to fact; the changeless mask of nature and the illusion of growth; the transformation of the physical to the spiritual.
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The images allude to nature: Clouds, mist, rippling water, the ravage of fire, the bleak california horizon. Paradoxically they range from romantic to tragic; dark to light; fragile to disintegrated; the images spill across the page. Beginning here, they end somewhere else. To see a part, one can perceive the whole.

Primus Lighting

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Primus Lighting specializes in small profile lighting fixtures for accent, merchandising and the illumination of architectural features. Think of our products as tools to solve your most challenging applications by using the right lamp and housing for the desired result. Our fixtures are cataloged as standards however variations to suit special applications are easy to accommodate. We use extruded aluminum housings of various profiles allowing us to build fixtures in any size or length necessary for a custom fit without long lead times. The fit and finish is high quality and specification grade. Let us help solve your lighting challenges!
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They pride ourselves in manufacturing quality lighting fixtures and lighting solutions with the capability of tailoring products that fit individual project requirements. “In a world of standardized SKU’s and impersonal mega manufacturers, we still enjoy the tried and true personal touch of working through application challenges at the design level to offer a variety of solutions that take into account budget, efficiency, performance, production timeliness and contractor friendliness.”

50 years of experience in manufacturing, design and lighting application, the future looks bright for Primus Lighting. A central location in El Monte, 10 minutes east of downtown Los Angeles, they are close to all resources. They have representation throughout the United States, as well as overseas. It is with pride we display the “Made in USA” on all the products we manufacture.

It is their mission to keep up the evolution of lighting by offering products with the most efficient light sources, reflectors and lenses. We look forward to serving our clients with new and innovative solutions to solve any and all lighting challenges.

Pat Senatore

Pat Senatore, the Artistic Director for Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Grill Jazz in Bel Air, CA, performs there regularly and just released a CD, Ascensione, on Fresh Sound Records, which evolved over the last few years with his trio, featuring Josh Nelson on piano and Mark Ferber on drums.

It seems Senatore was destined to become a musician. It’s in his DNA. His father grew up in Compania, Italy, singing Neapolitan folk songs in theaters. Pat followed a family tradition and studied violin as a child but it was not until he took up the bass and heard Scotty La Faro did he know for sure he wanted to be a jazz musician. His passion for jazz was so strong that he left the Julliard School of Music in New York after two years because it did not recognize jazz at the time.
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He took his studies from the classroom to the rhythm section of various big bands. He toured the country with the Stan Kenton Orchestra. During his tenure with Kenton, he recorded Adventures in Blues, and Adventures in Jazz at Capitol Records. Having moved from Newark, New Jersey to Los Angeles, California he was happy to stay put in his new home long enough to work at the famed Coconut Grove with the Dick Stabile Orchestra. Then he joined the Les Brown Orchestra and went to Vietnam with Bob Hope. Upon returning, he performed with two weekly television shows: The Bob Hope Show and the Dean Martin Show.