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Denis McKee and his brother Ralph have been blues players since an early age. They are joined by a cadre of stalwart musicians, also steeped in the blues. The goals of the site are to be the online focal point of the McKee Brother’s musical projects and to provide information for music festival bookers. The site features their recordings, videos and gig calendar.

Chocolate Fortunes

Chocolate Fortunes is the largest distributor of hand-dipped personalized and decorated chocolate covered fortune and almond cookies since 1987.

Hand Made Giant Fortune Cookie

Chocolate Fortunes specializes in hand-made hand-dipped chocolate covered traditional and Giant “football-sized” fortune cookies dipped and driped in a veriety of colored chocolate, wraped in a bow with a personalized message inside. Toppings include: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, dark mint chocolate, and their famous Rainbow of Flavors.
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Rainbow of Flavors include choice of pink chocolate, yellow chocolate, orange chocolate, red chocolate, blue chocolate, violet chocolate and green chocolate.


“I just received my order this morning. Thank you soooo much. They are awesome. They look amazing. I am soooo happy with the way my chocolate fortune cookies turned out. Thank you for all your hard work, I really appreciate it.”
Best wishes, Kyla Horton

“Hi, I received my chocolate covered fortune cookies and OH MY they are delicious! I’m afraid I might eat all of them before my event. Lol” “Chocolate makes me Happy! And YES it makes life worth living!” have a nice day!
Cheryl Ganac

“Just wanted to tell you that my chocolate dipped fortune cookies were FABULOUS- it was that last detail of our event that made it!”
Look forward to doing business soon, Susie Crouch

“I have just received our order today and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for your PERFECT customer service!”
Sincerely, Jann L Crawford

“Thanks for doing the chocolate fortune cookies. They turned out perfect!. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”
Tamara A Stone

“I just wanted to let you know that your chocolate covered fortune cookies were a great success. Thank you again for a high-quality and unique Valentine’s Day gift”
Sincerely John-Paul

Jim Dahl, artist

Determined to boost his creative output as a visual artist and educator, Dahl is currently developing new series of mono prints and paintings that integrate the varieties of his experience found in his trove of sketchbooks, collages, paintings. He is also preparing a scholarly article on constructive learning experiences of new teachers.

His work is eclectic. Content engages points of view with word play, depiction of sites of significance and display of emblems of meaningful to experience. These are expressive, playful, occasionally with dark implications that emerge in a quest for truth.
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In the 1990’s while teaching as an itinerant artist in NYC public schools, he organized community art festivals for the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition. As the decade drew to a close, he directed an artist residency program for K-8 classrooms in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and curated exhibitions at the Independence Community Bank branch in Red Hook. The venue’s design as an art gallery enabled a forum for conceptually driven displays of the vibrant South Brooklyn community. He also served as a grant advisor for the Community Assets Organizational Support Program of the New Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) from 1997-2000.

Fay Colmar, artist

The basic elements of Fay’s visual language are torn edges of paper, sprayed acrylic and color. These elements are organized by scale, frontality, and finally a compositional axis that can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

The intent is to produce images through process and materials: The connection between real matter and abstract thought, legendary to fact; the changeless mask of nature and the illusion of growth; the transformation of the physical to the spiritual.
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The images allude to nature: Clouds, mist, rippling water, the ravage of fire, the bleak california horizon. Paradoxically they range from romantic to tragic; dark to light; fragile to disintegrated; the images spill across the page. Beginning here, they end somewhere else. To see a part, one can perceive the whole.